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Exotic Sand Dunes in Rajasthan


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Exotic Sand Dunes in Rajasthan

Sand Dunes of Rajasthan

India’s desert state Rajasthan occupies a huge part in the hearts of many due to its vast span of golden sand dunes. The compelling charm of the sand dunes is so high that it even overshadows the mysteries and wonders associated with the mystical and imperial forts and palaces of the state. The indomitable attraction of the sand dunes in Rajasthan drives umpteen tourists from different places of India and outside.

With the magnificent sky as its backdrop, the unrelieved ocean of sands casts a magical spell all around and hypnotizes the spectators. Sand dunes are formed as a result of the windblown sand marks and remain as one of the true wonders of Mother Nature. The untarnished vision of the shimmering sand makes the ordinary barren lands look extraordinary! It is amidst the deserts that one can find herds of sheep and cattle roaming around lost in their own worlds. The ripples of the sands keep changing the appearance of the desert with the gushes of winds, gentle or strong. As the gust of winds change the waves, the sand dunes undoubtedly promise to offer some of the most memorable experiences of life. While the golden sand dunes look glorious during a sun-bathed day, the nocturnal beauty of the sand dunes is a completely different visual pleasure. Experiencing a full moon night amidst the sand dunes is completely blissful and scintillating!

For a visitor, experiencing the marvels of the sand dunes in Rajasthan is always thrilling! The sand dune trip is one of the best experiences of a Rajasthan tour. The expedition of the sand dunes with the help of the camel, is what beckons uncountable tourists. Adventurous camel safaris are organized from the town of Jaisalmer. Camels, which are considered to be the salvation of the people living in the deserts, are the chief means of haulage and the best ones to make you remember your trips to the sand dunes forever. Carrying the curious passengers on their backs, the camels help to discover the sandy wonders of Rajasthan through the unbounded deserts.

Some of the memorable sand dune destinations are discussed below for your reference. 

Sand Dunes in Rajasthan

Sam Sand Dunes

One of the finest destinations in the deserts of Rajasthan will always be the Sam Sand Dunes, located around 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer. It is a limitless playground for a novice rider, wind-carved sandy wonder for an imaginative soul and a perfect travel destination for a tourist with wanderlust. The 2 kilometer long band of dunes forms one of the most picturesque areas of the region. The Sam Dunes occupy the lion’s share of the charms of Jaisalmer and in fact, the whole of west Rajasthan. If you are keen to experience the more picturesque part, then you have to travel a kilometer high, another kilometer long and three more kilometers wide. The air currents and the swiftly changing shapes of the dunes would leave you amazed. The lazing afternoons would become even more romantic as you lie on the golden sand bed and enjoy the sky above witnessing hearing the sounds of the winds and the sands. But the beauty of the Sam Sand Dunes is emancipated during the sunset. The infinite desert kingdom in the twilight is just like a fairytale! Basking in the setting sun in the solitary desert would make you long for more such tranquil times.

To make the most out of your sand dune trip, you must join the desert festival when dance programs and light and sound shows are arranged. As you listen to the classical music in the dusky evening, you are sure to travel to a different world of fantasy and unending joy. You could add further flavors to your adventures in the attractive sand dunes by spending a night or two in the tents and experiencing the hitherto unseen and unfelt. The nightlong desert carnival is a truly unforgettable experience! If you are an ardent lover of the rustic music and dance of Rajasthan then you could enjoy it with fellow travelers by the bonfire outside the camp that you can put yourself into. The solitary deserts turn into a lively cultural hub during the months of February and March when puppet shows, folk music and dances, camel races and other cultural extravaganzas break the silence of the winds and the drifting sand dunes.

Khuri Sand Dunes

Exotic Sand Dunes of Rajasthan

In the outskirts of Jaisalmer, about 40 kilometers southwest from the main city the Khuri Sand Dunes promise yet another memorable camel safari. Apart from the desert solitude, the mud houses and the camel rides would draw you to this place. If you ever wished to be a part of the Rajput lifestyle or ever wondered how the traditional Rajput lifestyle must have been, then Khuri Sand Dunes is a must-visit for you. The ever changing hue of the sand dunes during different times of the day such gentle yellow in the morning, dazzling gold in the noon and crimson in the dusk would compel you to spend hours looking at the wonders.

Osian Sand Dune

Important Sand Dunes in Rajasthan

If you ever thought that a sand dune could not be immaculate as we find in tales with huge mounds with attractive huts in the core and also the mysterious oasis with some trees and birds, then you are yet to come across the Osian Sand Dune.  It looks picture-perfect! In fact, it is too perfect to be true! Osian is known as the ‘Gateway to the Thar Desert’.

Khimsar Dunes

Sand Dunes in Rajasthan

The Khimsar Dunes can be listed in the private properties and are cleaned and fenced at regular intervals. You could stay in the resort there enjoying the warmth in the cozy huts. In order to optimize your experiences of the sand dunes in Rajasthan, you must plan to stay over so that you can witness the engrossing beauty and marvel of the sand ripples in every hour of a day and night.  Whether you choose to stay in the luxury camps or personally set-up tents, the times that you would spend in the sand dunes would sure remain some of the best you ever experience in your lifetime.

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