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Shopping in Rajasthan


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Shopping in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful tourist destinations of our country. People from different parts of the country and even the world visit this beautiful land of kings and queens. The glorious past, rich culture and heritage and warm hospitality of the people make your trip to Rajasthan all the more exciting. To top it all, it is one of the best places to shop in India. It is in Rajasthan that you get most things 'Make in India'. So be it jooties or mojaris to match your outfit or precious and semi-precious stones to adorn your neck piece or bracelet and miniature painting or papier mache to adorn your living rooms!

Must Buy in Rajasthan

There is a never ending list of things of what to shop from Rajasthan. From colorful dupattas to ethereal handicrafts, there is so much that one can actually shop till they drop. The kings and nobles were great patrons of art and craft which is evident from the fact that even their elephants and horses were decorated the tradition which continues even today!

Rajasthani Jooties/Mojaris

Shopping in Rajasthan

Add a touch of ethnic glamour with traditional Rajasthani jooties. You can easily team them with both western wear and Indian wear. The beautiful and colorful jooties made out of genuine leather are a piece of craft. It is rightly said that juti is an integral part of Marwari fashion. The traditional juti is worn by both men and women of Rajasthan. Travelers from all over India and even the world carry these beautiful jutis back home. The jutis are hand stitched and are made perfect to the t. They are generally made using camel, goat or sheep hide and are very comfortable. Available in a wide variety of designs and colors, Rajasthani jutis have become a fashion statement

Blue Pottery

Must buy from Rajasthan

Think of shopping in Jaipur and one cannot miss the famous blue pottery. It is a fine example of traditional art form which is now famous all over the world. The name blue pottery is due to the awe-inspiring blue color of the pottery. The pottery gets its blue color due to the famous blue dye. The fine pottery is made out of Egyptian paste in which no clay is used. It is glazed and low fired. Traditional bird and animal prints, floral motifs and paisleys are the most popular designs used in blue pottery.

Dinner sets, pots, vases, tea sets, tiles, diyas, paper weigh, napkin holders, candle stands, plates, mugs, incense stick holders, candle holders, jewelry box etc. are available in various patterns and sizes. Blue pottery is a major source of economy and revenue for the local craftsmen in Jaipur. Some of the most famous sellers of blue pottery in Jaipur are Neerja International and Kripal Kumbh.

Tie and Dye / Leheriya

Things to buy in Rajasthan

Leheria is one of the most popular dyeing techniques used in Rajasthan. The name Leheriya is derived from its wave pattern. Bandhani is another popular dyeing technique of Rajasthan. Bandhani art is a highly skilled procedure and needs lot of precision and accuracy. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns like Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali and Shikari depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied. Usually natural colors and organic dyes are used for the coloring purpose. One can pick up leheriya print sarees and duppatas in silk, cotton and georgette.

Miniature Paintings

Things to buy in Rajasthan

Paintings are one of the most popular traditional art forms of Rajasthan that travelers from all over the world shop for. There are various schools of paintings which have their own unique style and way of presentation. Some of the most popular styles of paintings are – Marwar, Mewar, Miniature, Dhundhur and Alwar.

The miniature paintings have a glorious past and the tradition has been passed from generation to generation. These paintings were a part of the royal household and royal families of Rajasthan as well. They talk about the rich culture and heritage of the region. Miniature paintings are usually made on handmade paper. Mythological figures and stories taken from Mahabharata, Ramayana Krishna Leela and Geet Govinda are the main highlights.

Paiper Mache

What to buy in Rajasthan

Can anybody think of a work of art made out of waste paper and clay? Well Papier Mache products are common in Rajasthan. Do not forget to pick up a toy or a bowl or a pen stand made of papier mache from Jaipur. The artists of Jaipur specialise in papier mache toys which have designs of animals and birds with attractive blend of colours.


Jewelery in Rajasthan

You've been to Rajasthan and not shopped for traditional Rajasthani jewelry? Make the most of your trip to Rajasthan by buying beautiful Rajasthani jewelry. Be it the enamel work (meenakari) of Jaipur or the lac bangles, there is a different jewelry style awaiting you at every inch of Rajasthan. Lac bangles are believed to be worn to bring good omen and are available in a variety of colors. Jaipur is well known for its gold and silver enameling. This traditional art of Meeriakari is also done in Nathdwara. Kundan jewelry is also very popular and once can get various styles. It is the jewelry form in which precious stones are set in gold. The beautiful stones are embossed into decorative shapes and patterns. Maang tikas, jhumkas, necklaces, bangles and what not.


Must buy from Rajasthan

One can also pick up a wide variety of textiles from Rajasthan. Delightful bandhej or tie and dye print fabrics are available in a host of colors. Travelers can pick up some of the best badhnai work from Jaipur, Udaipur, Pali and Jodhpur. Apart from the dyeing techniques, one can also pick up various types of embroidered textiles from different parts of Rajasthan. Embroidery practiced in Bikaner is done by counting threads. The women of Sikar and Jhunihunu specialize in making patterns of animals. Chain stitch is popular in A!war. Dancing figures, flowers, floral patterns and peacocks are the favorite motifs. Women of Barmer use mirrors, thus enhancing the beauty of the embroidered piece. Patchwork is also a very popular style used in textiles. You can find it in fabrics as well as on bags.

Shopping in Jaipur

Shopping in JaipurJohari Bazaar

Shopping in Jaipur is incomplete if you don’t visit the much talked about Johari Bazaar. The market is the hub of activity and a delight for shopaholics. It is popular for its lively atmosphere and wide array of jewelry items available.

Jewelry made out of gold, silver, lac and precious stones can be found at various shops. It is open throughout the week so you can indulge in retail therapy whenever you are in Jaipur. Beautiful earrings, lac bangles, traditional silver necklaces and kundan jewelery - the city is famous for all these and much more.

Bazaars of JaipurHawa Mahal Bazaar

Hawa Mahal or the palace of winds is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jaipur. It can be said that Hawa Mahal is the unique identity of the pink city. The famous Hawa Mahal Bazaar is a loved shopping destination for both domestic as well as international travelers.

Keep in mind that the prices are a little higher as compared to other markets. One can find plethora of Rajasthani handicrafts, textiles, traditional jewelry, juties and jhola bags all over the market.

Shopping in RajasthanKishanpole Bazaar

The glorious past and traditions of Rajasthan leave travelers awe-inspired. The princely state is loved for its grandeur and unique architecture. Shopping is an integral part of a trip to Raajasthan.

Kishanpole Bazaar is also a major market of Jaipur. It is renowned for textiles, ornamental decorative items and wooden furniture. The intricately carved wooden furniture is the highlight of Kishpole bazaar. Add to that the vibrancy of leheriya print sarees and duppatas. There are various shops that sell handcrafted textiles. At Kishanpole bazaar, you can buy clothing at inexpensive rates. Bandhani textiles that are famed all over India can be found at Kishanpole bazaar. The market remains closed on Sundays.

Markets in JaipurChaandpol Bazar

Chaandpol bazaar adds a new angle to shopping in Jaipur. It is situated between Chaandpol gate and Chhoti Chaupar and is famous for an array of shops selling delicious pickles, spices and ghee. There is a distinct aroma of spices in the air that totally engulfs you. These authentic Indian spices are used all over Rajasthan and in various traditional restaurants in Jaipur. One can also find numerous shops selling best of the best handicrafts and impeccable marble statues.

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Shopping in UdaipurShopping in Udaipur

Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes. The beautiful City Palace or the mesmerizing Jag Mandir Palace, there is so much to do when you plan a trip to Udaipur. We recommend that you pack comfortable walking shoes as well – for the long hours of shopping!

Udaipur is considered to be a great place to buy Pichwai and miniature paintings. Pichwai paintings are intricate wall hangings usually painted on cotton or silk. The paintings depict scenes from Lord Krishna’s life and are believed to have originated in Nathdwara.

Shopping in Udaipur is certainly incomplete if you pick up beautiful handicrafts for your home and souvenirs for friends and family. Rajasthni juties, meenakari or enamel jewelry, traditional block print and leheriya fabrics, Rajasthani textiles are other items that you can pick.

Shopping in UdaipurChetak Circle is one of the most loved shopping destinations for both domestic as well as international tourists. Apart from handicraft shops there are many coffee shops and small eateries in the area where you can catch up with fellow travelers and take back lots of memories. Do not forget to drop in at the famous Ganesh Handicrafts museum to pick up authentic Rajathani, Guajarati, South Indian and Kutchi textiles.

Bada Bazaar is the main market of Udaipur. From traditional jewelry to leather bags and juties, you can find everything at Bada Bazaar. The other famous items that one can pick at this market are – jhola bags, textiles, silver and camel bone jewelry.

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Makets in JodhpurShopping in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a colorful and vibrant desert city of Rajasthan. It is known for its beautiful forts, picture perfect sunsets at the dunes and hawelis. The warm hospitality of people enhances the overall experience of travelling and shopping in Jodhpur. Beautiful handmade Rajasthani textiles, traditional silver jewelry, bags, leather juties and handicrafts are some of the most popular things that should be must buy when shopping in Jodhpur. Travelers also love to pick up the famous Jodhpuri suit from Jodhpur.

Sojati Gate Market  is a favorite among women as it is known for its exclusive tie and dye sarees. One can find sarees in a variety of colors and materials. You can also get extra gotta and sequence work done on your saree as per your liking.

Station Road Market is located in the heart of the city and is the most popular shopping destinations of Jodhpur. One can shop for leather juties, embroidered juties and traditional Rajasthani juies in this market.

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Shopping in PushkarShopping in Pushkar

Pushkar is also recognized as one of the major hubs of souvenir shopping in the state. One can pick up intricate handicrafts, beads, bangles, embroidered juties, Rajasthani textiles, embroidered bags and a lot more from the local market. The most popular shopping areas in Pushkar are Sarafa Bazar, Baza Bazar and Kedalganj bazaar.

Beautiful miniature paintings, alluring ethnic jewelry, block print garments, leather items, enameled jewelry, pottery, puppets and home décor items are also widely available. The main market is the center of activity. From bustling handloom shops to quaint coffee shops, there is something for everyone. Travelers love to spend the day sipping coffee and soaking the vacation glee. Don’t forget to haggle and negotiate the prices at the local shops. 

Shopping in BikanerShopping in Bikaner

The vivid culture of Rajasthan can be felt in the shopping as well. Colorful and vivacious textiles, intricate handicrafts and fine jewelry are the best things that you take back from Rajasthan. Bikaner is a popular tourist destination and attracts a lot of foreign as well as domestic tourists. Thus, to cater to the varying needs of people there are various price ranges available. The best buys of Bikaner include – Rajasthani Mojari, leheriya duppatas, carpets, Phad paintings, Kundan jewelry and beautiful quilts. The soft and comfortable Sangameri quilts are the specialty of Bikaner. The intricate use of jewels in decorative items is another highlight of Bikaneri shopping.

The travelers visiting Bikaner during the camel festival are always in for a great surprise. The fair is one of the biggest fairs held in the region. During the camel fair one can buy camel fur rugs, camel leather bags, wallets, shoes and belts, camel bone jewelry etc.

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