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Museums in Rajasthan


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Museums in Rajasthan

Museums are a great way of conserving the artifacts of the by-gone era. Behind the glass walls, these documents and handicrafts have a story to tell. Rajasthan is a state of vivid culture and traditions. It is known for its magnificent architecture and rich history. The various museums all over the state has preserved this heritage for the generations to come.


Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum

Museums in Jodhpur

Umaid Bhavan Palace is one of the world’s largest private residences in Jodhpur. The grandeur and size of the palace represent the rich heritage of the area. A part of this palace has been converted into a luxury hotel and is managed by Taj Group.

Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum is a part of the palace. The museum displays items like – weapons, stuffed leopards, ancient crockery and trophies. The palace also houses a huge banner that presented by Queen Victoria and an amazing collection of clocks. One can easily reach Umaid Bhavan Palace museum by both public and private transport.  The museum is dedicated to Umaid Bhavan Palace and showcases pictures of the palace taken during different times during the past decades.

Visiting Hours – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, everyday
Entry Fee - Foreign Guests – 100/-
Indian Guests – 30/-

Sardar Government Museum of Jodhpur

Jodhpur Government Musuem

Sardar Government Museum of Jodhpur is located in Public Park (Unmed Bagh) in the heart of Jodhpur city. The museum is named after Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur. It was established in 1909 and was open for public in 1936. The museum has a rich collection of handicrafts and artifacts that speak volumes of the rich heritage of the region. Th e collection at the museum includes – 397 stone sculptures, 10 inscriptions, 1951 miniature paintings, 12 terracotta objects, 32 metallic objects, 178 arms and ammunitions and over 111703 coins. Also displayed in the museum are various portraits of rulers and the manuscripts and images of Jain Tirthankars. Jodhpur Government Museum also has a public library and a zoo. The museum also has a military section, exhibiting cumbersome wooden biplane models and an extraordinary brass battleship.

Mehrangarh Fort Museum

Mehrangarh Fort Museum

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most popular and largest forts of the country. It attracts thousands of tourists each year and has become the identity of Jodhpur city. The sheer opulence and architectural brilliance of the fort have to be seen to be believed.

Mehrangarh Fort Museum is among the finest museums of the state. It has a palanquin section where you can see a wide collection of old royal palanquins. The museum also houses the magnificent domed gilt Mahadol palanquin which was won in a battle from the Governor of Gujarat in 1730. Arms, paintings, decorated period rooms, and costumes are displayed in the museum. Tourists can easily hire a guide at the entrance of the fort.

Visiting Hours:
Sunday–Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Entry Fee
Indian Guest – 60/-
International Guests – 400/-

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Hawa Mahal Museum

Musuems in Rajasthan

Think of Jaipur and Hawa Mahal is one of the first things to come to your mind. This architectural wonder situated in the heart of Jaipur has become the unique identity of the city. Hawal Mahal literally means Palace of Winds. It was built so that the women of the royal household could witness the hustle bustle of the town and the street festivities while being unseen from outside. Built in red and pink sandstone, the palace sits on the edge of the City Palace, and extends to the zenana, or women's chambers.

Hawa Mahal museum was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1983 and is a part of the City Palace complex. It is located adjoining Pratap museum, in the heart of the city. The collection at the museum includes arrow heads, fish hooks, antiquities, swords, terracotta, helmets and belongings of the Maharajas of Jaipur.

Visiting Hours – 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Thursday
Entry Fee – 3/- for adults and 1/- for students

Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Ji Museum

Musuems in Jaipur

City Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Jaipur. Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Museum is situated within the City Palace complex. The museum was built by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh in 1959. The museum has an exquisite collection of paintings, manuscripts, weapons and armors are displayed in the Pothikhaana (library) and the Silehkhana or armory of the palace. There are three galleries in the museum.

Textile Gallery – the first floor of the Mubarak Mahal houses textiles and costumes. You will be bedazzled with the enormous Atamsukh, a rich Banaras brocade quilted cloak of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I. Tie and dye print handlooms, pashmina shawls, and fine Muslin cloth from 17th and 18th century are some of the items at display. In addition to these, there is a collection of musical instruments, Indian games and even glass cutlery at the gallery.

Armory Gallery – the gallery boasts of the biggest collection of Indian weapons. Edged weapons and antique handguns are displayed here in a most artistic and symbolic manner. Swords of Mughal emperors Jehangir and Shahjahan, night polo ball, Talwars, pointed Guptis and Asas, Sawai Jai Singh's pistol and matchlock guns of 17th century Jujarba lances, knives, katars, and arrows of various shapes and sizes are all displayed for public viewing in this opulent gallery. Shields made of rhinoceros, crocodile, antler and buffalo skin, lacquered or painted and set with boxes of chiseled steel gilt or studded with precious stones are the other important attractions.

Art Gallery – The gallery has a large collection of fine miniature paintings, carpets from Kabul, paper cuttings, manuscripts – both illustrated and non-illustrates, decorated book covers etc. 19th century photographs and photographic instruments, items of paraphernalia and regalia are also displayed in the gallery. 18th century and the life size portraits of the rulers of Jaipur by renowned artist of his time Sahib Ram are displayed in this gallery.

The staff of the museum is dressed in traditional attires which adds to the overall feel of the museum. Maharaja Sawai Man Singh museum organizes various workshops that prove to be a great learning platform to get insights about the museum and the rich history of the region.

Visiting Hours – 9:30 am to 4:45 pm, every day
Entry Fee
Indian Guest – 35/-
International Guest – 70/-
Students – 20/-

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum

The Albert Hall Museum is the oldest museum of the state and today it functions as the state museum of Rajasthan. It is also known as the Government Central Museum and is a popular tourist attraction for people visiting Jaipur. The museum is situated in Ram Niwas Garden and is a superior example of Indo-Saracen architecture. It was opened for general public in 1887.

The museum has a rich collection of artifacts like miniature paintings, carpets, ivory, stone, metal sculptures, colorful crystal works, clay art, pottery, marble art etc.  Albert Hall museum is located in the heart of the city. Once in the city you can hire a taxi or a auto rickshaw and easily reach the museum.

Visiting Hours – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, every day
Entry Fee
Indian Guest – 20/-
Indian Student – 10/-
International Guest – 150/-
International Student – 75/-

Amber Archeological Museum 

Museums i Rajasthan

The Amber Archeological Museum is situated in Dil-e-araam garden of Amber city. The museum was established in 1949. The museum houses the famous yupa stumbhs or yupa pillars. There is also a large variety of epigraphs and sculptures in the museum. In addition to these, there are artifacts that were found in sites like Bairat, Sambhar, Nagar, Pamvar, Bansi, Virat Nagar etc. on display at the museum.
There are different sections of the museum. The first section is the archeology section. It exhibits archeological findings and materials collected during various excavations in the region. To get a better understanding of the events, the findings at the museum have been arranged chronologically. This gives the visitors a fair idea of the vivid history of Rajasthan.

Visiting Hours – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday
There is no entry fee for the museum.

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Junagarh Fort Museum

Junagarh Fort Museum in Bikaner

Initially known as Chintamani, the fort was renamed to Junagarh Fort in the early 20th century. It is an opulent marvel that talks about the rich culture and history of the region. The museum within the fort is known as Junagarh Fort Museum. It was established in 1961 by Maharaja Dr.Karni Singhji. The fort museum has armory on display which comprises heterogeneous mix of arms of the post medieval time.  The fort also exhibits Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts, jewels, artifacts, royal costumes, handicrafts, headgear and dresses of gods and goddesses, farmans (royal documents), war drums, silver ware etc.
Tourists can also see modes of transport prevalent during medieval times on display at the museum. A gallery in the museum is dedicated to Maharaja Ganga Singhji. It houses the equipment used by him during those times – coins, office equipment, reading classes, telephone etc.

Entry Fee
Indian Guest – 50/-
Indian Student – 30/-
International Guest – 300/-
International Student – 150/-

Rajasthan State Archives

State Archives in Bikaner

The Rajasthan State Archives, Bikaner houses an exquisite collection of administrative records of Mughal era. The records include – Nishans, Arzdasht, Persian Farmans, Akbarat, Manshurs, Vakil Report, and Khatoot. In addition to these, the archives also have the record created during administration of the Princely states of Rajasthan such as Parwanas, Bahiat, Rukkas, Pattas, Chithiat etc.  Just like any other archives, Rajasthan State Archives are very helpful for people who want details about these records. A great place for historians and researchers, the record gallery displays documents of administrative, social, economic and historical value.

Government Museum of Bikaner

Government Museums in Rajasthan

The Government Museum of Bikaner was opened for general public in the year 1937 by the hen governor Lord Linlithgow. With the passage of time a bigger building was constructed and the entire collection was shifted there. The collection at the Government Museum of Bikaner includes 71 stone sculptures, 10 inscriptions, 574 arms and ammunition, 22241 coins, 27 metallic objects and local handicrafts.

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Government Museum

Government Museum of Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is a very popular destination. The close proximity to the That Desert makes it a preferred choice for both domestic as well as international travelers. The Government Museum, Jaisalmer was established with the aim to highlight the cultural richness of the magnificent Thar Desert. It was opened for general public in 1984. The museum houses some rare collection of artifacts that depict the rich history of the region. The collection includes stone 72 sculptures, 8 inscriptions, 13 paintings, embroidered dresses, numerous coins and handicrafts.  It also houses wooden and marine fossils of the wildlife of the neighboring region.

Since the museum is located in the central part of the city, it is easily accessible by both public and private transport. You can hire a taxi or a rickshaw and reach the museum.
Visiting Hours – 10: 00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday
Entry Fee
Indian Guest – 10/-
Indian Student – 5/-
International Guest – 50/-
International Student – 25/-

Jaisalmer Folklore Museum

Museums in Rajasthan

Folklore Museum of Jaisalmer gives you an opportunity to experience mini Rajasthan at one place. It displays the rich culture of this colorful state in a perfect manner. Just a short distance from the Desert Culture Center and you are at the Jaisalmer Folklore Museum. The museum exhibits camel jewelry, decorative gear and jewelry, portraits and painting of rulers, miniature temples, puppets and other traditional items and handicrafts. The museum is a perfect place for understanding the cultural aspects of the Jaisalmer.
Visiting Hours – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, every day
Entry Fee – 20/- for adults


Government Museum of Ajmer

Museums in Rajasthan

The government museum of Ajmer is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. It is steeped in history and talks about the golden era. The museum which was established in 1908 is situated in Akbar’s Fort in Ajmer. The main aim of constructing the museum was to focus on the rich cultural heritage of the region. The museum has many items on display – sculptures, inscriptions, miniature paintings, arms and ammunition and objects of art and craft. The pre-historic section is a major highlight of the museum. The sculptures constitute one of the most interesting sections of the museum. Some of the rare sculptures have been collected from Pushkar, Bagera, Bharaptpur, Sirohi etc. They date back to the Gupta period.

Some of the sections in the museum display different guns used by various rulers and some miniature canons that date back to the 18th century. Pre-historic relics and cast of seals with pictographs which were discovered at Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley Civilization are also on display in the museum.
In addition to all of this, the museum also has a library with a wide collection of books on history, art and archeology.
Visiting Hours – 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, everyday
Entry Fee
Indian Guest – 5/-
International Guest – 10/-


Government Museum of Alwar

Museum in Alwar

The government museum of Alwar was established in 1940 by the then ruler of the region. Today it is a popular tourist attraction of the region. The museum is housed within the City Palace and the entire collection on display comes from the royal family.

The museum reflects the rich cultural heritage of the region. It also has some significant arts and artifacts that are a proof of the grandeur of the royal era of Rajasthan. The collection at the museum includes – paintings, manuscripts, objects of local art and craft, handicrafts. Musical instruments, arms and ammunition and much more.

Following are the other important museums in the state of Rajasthan.

Government Museums in RajasthanBharatpur Museum

Location: Inside Lohagarh Fort
Collection: 581 stone sculptures, 10 inscriptions, 120 terracottas, 13 metallic objects, 670 coins, 1966 weapons, 196 miniature paintings and 861 local art & crafts
Timings : 09.45 AM to 5.15 PM
Entry Fee :   
Indians RS. 5/-
Indian Students RS. 2/-
Foreigners Rs. 50/
Foreign Students Rs. 25/
(Closed on Monday)

Museums in RajasthanDungarpur Museum

Collection: Statues displayed here are of Gupta dynasty (6th century to 16th century) most important being Trantrik Ganesh statue which is of 5-6th century (Gupta dynasty). Other statues are that of Mahishasurmardini, Shiva holding veena, post medieval period statues of Sthanak Surya are on display.
Government Museums in RajasthanJhalawar Government Museum
Location: Outside the fort palace
Collection:  rare manuscripts, paintings, coins, sculptures and statues of various gods and goddesses
Timings: 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Entry Fee: 3/- for Adults. Monday Free. Closed on Friday.

Pilani MuseumPilani Birla Museum

India's first technological museum
17 galleries with interactive exhibits that allows visitors get a hands-on educational experience of basic scientific principles
Address: Birla Museum,
Vidya Vihar Pilani Rajasthan 333031 India
Phone: 01596-242158

Museum in UdaipurAhar Museum, Udaipur

Location: 3 kms from Udaipur
Collection: 19 cenotaphs of Maharanas, the most important being that of Maharana Amar Singh, who reigned from 1597 to 1620. In the museum there are assortment of antiques dating back to the 10th century like earthen pots, iron objects and other artifacts

Museum in BikanerPrachina Museum, Bikaner

The museum was established by Siddhi Kumari daughter of Late Maharaja Narendra Singhji of Bikaner in 2000
Collection: royal costumes and textiles, family portraits of the former rulers
Address: Bikaner Cultural Centre and Museum, Junagarh Fort
Bikaner 334001

Halidaghati Museum in UdaipurHaldighati Museum, Udaipur
Address: Village-Khamnor, District-Rajsamand, Udaipur
Timing: 08:00 am to 07:00 pm
Entry Fee: Rs 30/-
Collection: Displays weapons and paintings of the fierce battle fought between Maharana Pratap and the Mughals. Also on display is Chetak Samadhi, the loyal horse of Maharana Pratap who inspite of being injured ensured that his master reached  safe place before he died.

Archaeological Museum in RajasthanArchaeological Museum, Kalibangan
Location: Hanumnagarh, Rajasthan
Collection: pottery and antiquities including Harappan seals, terracotta figurines, bricks, bangles, grinders, stone balls and the six fabric pottery repertoire from A to E of Pre-Harappan level of Kalibangan
Opening Hours : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Closed on – Friday
Entrance Fee :
Rs. 2/- per head
(Children up to 15 years free)


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