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Ways To Beat The Heat When Traveling In Rajasthan


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Ways To Beat The Heat When Traveling In Rajasthan


Rajasthan is one of the places that you really want to visit during the winters because the days here can be really hot. And even in the coolest of winter days, the sun can take a toll on you. But the summers are worse! Of course there are times when you have to visit the state during this time because of kid’s summer holidays or a wedding or even work related trip. Rather than fighting the heat, it is best to embrace it with open arms like the locals. So here are some simple ways to beat the heat and make the most of this colorful place during the warmer months-

1.  Go sightseeing or enjoy activities in the mornings or evenings

Sightseeing in Rajasthan

Most palaces and historical areas in Rajasthan open up as early as a 6.00 am. This is especially done for tourists because you have to walk a lot when seeing palaces and castles. The marble and stones heat up during the day and sightseeing becomes difficult. They also remain open till about 7.pm in the evening, which gives you ample of time to hang out and enjoy these areas. So make sure that you plan out your sightseeing tours during the wee hours. Even when you are traveling or going from one place to the other, it makes sense to leave early in the morning. This way you beat the morning traffic along with the afternoon heat. Traveling during the peak summer afternoons is definitely not recommended. Opt for events and activities that you can enjoy in the evening or indoors.

2. Dress Cool

How to beat the heat in summer

Do you wonder why the locals have the turbans on their head and women have heads covered? Yep because of the heat! Sure you don’t want to roam around with that heavy turban but a cool hat sure can help. You get very nice straw ones here that protects you from the summer heat. Dress in light and cool cotton clothing. Avoid synthetic garments. The local dhotis and loose trousers that men sport are sensible for this time of the year. Women can dress up in loose gowns or skirts. Avoid wearing sleeveless here because the scorching sun can give more of a burn than a tan. Do carry your sunglasses everywhere.

3. Use sunscreen

Make sure that you are carrying your sunscreen around everywhere. The sun here is quite strong and even around 5.pm in the evening. Keep applying the sunscreen on an offer. Another thing is that you don’t really sweat much here. Rather the skin becomes dry and flaky, so opt for something that has a lot of moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

4. Stay hydrated

Ways to beat the heat in Summer

Even without loss of sweat, staying hydrated is really important in this heat. So carry around your water and keep sipping it. Another cool way to remain hydrated would be drinking the local cold-milk and yogurt based drinks like lassi, sharbat, and ice creams. The locals swear by it and it is affordable, hygienic and healthy too. Fruit juices and ice candies are available too for giving you respite from the heat. It is advisable to carry packaged drinking water to avoid any kind of stomach infection.

5. Sensible eating

Eating in Rajasthan

Almost everything here is fried and made with lots of desi ghee. Do not overindulge in these because getting an upset stomach is the last thing that you would want! Rather than going for the heavier dishes opt for light salads, rice or even chapatis instead of the heavier ghee based sweets and vegetables. There is a range of continental and other cuisines available here too so avoid too much of grease. Rajasthan is very famous for its preserved food items like achaar, dried sangri, etc. You can opt for a light meal of roti with the same or yogurt instead of opting for such heavy meals.

6. Don’t flutter in and out of the AC

Tourists love heading outdoors and then coming back indoors in the comfort of their car. Remember that in Rajasthan, hot and dry winds blow during the summer months, which is called loo. This loo is not only detrimental to your health but can also ruin your entire trip. The constant temperature change makes you more prone to cold and cough.

7.Water coolers

In Rajasthan, using water coolers in homes and guesthouses is a common practice. Most individuals prefer this because it consumes less electricity, adds moisture to the air and also provides you with respite from the heat, without costing a fortune. You will easily find these coolers in most guesthouses and homes. Instead of using the air conditioner, which only adds to more dryness in this arid zone, opt for such coolers.

8. Carry a hand fan and wet tissues

These are two savior items that you must carry with you all the time. Whether you are heading out to the market or even just chilling in the comfort of your hotel. Wet wipes are suggested to because Rajasthan climate is dry and also rather sandy and dusty. You will notice sand grains on your skin all the time, especially when near to the dunes. Hand fans are of great use when it seems that the afternoons are absolutely still or rather with no air at all.

9. Make a colourful umbrella your accessory

Things to use in Summer heat

The royals in Rajasthan love carrying colorful umbrellas around. The bright color of the umbrella provide respite from the stringent heat and of course is a savior in case you don’t want a tan. The best part is that you can get cute local ones in all kinds of sizes, include miniature versions that you can carry around. Of course, these are pretty useless if it rains so make sure that you have a standby for sudden thunderstorms.

10. Bathe twice and moisturize

As a rule of thumb, bathing twice is recommended because body heat really goes up during warmer season. Rajasthan in particular has a very dry climate and your skin become rather flaky and whitish. So make sure that you cool down in the pool or shower and moisturize well.


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