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Jewelry of Rajasthan


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Jewelry of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its precious stones market, especially emeralds and rubies. One of the most famous type of jewelry found here is Kundan and Jadau. Both of which are symbolic to the state and made with exquisite craftsmanship. Cosmetic jewelry too is very popular here and found in abundance. You can come across scores of places selling jewelry starting from the pavement to the upscale stores selling certified jewelry.

There is something about the craftsmanship found here that adds a touch of elegance and bling to the pieces. Like their colorful attire, jewelry here to is endorsed with bright and radiant pieces of stones, diamonds and gold. Both men and women sport jewelry here, though the masculine jewelry pieces are more subtle and restricted to either studs or rings around the neck. However, before purchasing anything here there are a few suggestions to keep in mind. An assortment or jewelry types is available here. But the most popular kinds of jewelery found in Rajasthan includes-

Different Types of Jewellery of Rajasthan

Silver Jewelry

Rajasthani Jewelery

This is the most popular and commonly found type of jewelry in the state. You can see these in rings, pendants, bracelets, nose pins and other pieces too. Silver jewelry is available commonly and is sported by villagers along with nomads and farmers.

Emerald or Panna

Rajasthani Precious Stone Jewelery

This is the exquisite green stone that is used in centerpieces of various jewelry forms. Even in emerald, you find a range of pieces that are scarred and cost less. The un-flawed pieces are ones that cost most and difficult to find.

Ruby or Manek

This stone is used almost as much as jade, if not more. The beauty of this stone is that it really goes well with all kinds of outfits and is more versatile. It is also cheaper than the jade varieties that are found in the market. The manek is easily available through out the state and you can pick from a range of low budget pieces or opt for something that is totally not flowed.

Other Semi Precious Stones

Some of the other stone pieces that you can find here include emerald, garnet, topaz, agate, amethyst and lapiz lazuli.


Rajasthani Jewelery

This one is the speciality of Rajasthan and is made using intricate technique. Kundan is applied on the core of lac, which acts as a natural resin. Then various forms of meenakari along with other precious and semi-precious stones may be applied. These are basically kind of fake crystals and don’t really cost much.

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Basically lac is a staple to all jewelry forms in Rajasthan. It is a kind of Lacquered work that is applied on jewelry. The enamel work is done using either silver or gold with colored glass pieces. Plain lac jewelry is used in different kinds of religious ceremonies and rituals. Lac is a sign of married women and colorful lac bangles are sported by the bride, post the marriage ceremony.


This form of craftsmanship uses a range of colors and delicate work. It makes uses of colorful designs that were used not only in jewelry but also utensils and other artifacts too. The art which was introduced by Raja Mansingh of Amer is now one of the most sought after jewellery designs not only among locals in Rajasthan but elsewhere as well.

Pratapgarh Jewelry

Pratapgarh jewelry form is another way of enamel work. It makes use of both gold and silver and has a colored glass piece on the base. It is also known as Thewa art. It is a traditional art usually crafted over a period of one month to get that pulsating design.


Guide to Rajasthani Jewelery

Pure gold jewelry is not really popular here but gold is used in almost all jewelry forms. The people of Rajasthan like to add a colorful touch to everything that they wear. So you will find jewelry pieces that are is made from 12 carat gold and classier and heavier pieces made with 24 carat too.

Polki and Jadau

Polki is a kind of unfinished diamond form that is used to add bling to jewelry pieces. Jadau is a jewelry form that is made using polki, kundan and meenakari work. This combination is used for adding value to the piece and also makes it heavier. Re-sale value of polki is much higher and in jadau you only get value of the polki, gold along with some other semi precious stones.

Jewelry for Women

There is literally no body part where women don’t wear jewelry here. It includes earrings, rings, neckpieces, head bands, toe bands, anklets, upper arm bangles, hair jewelry, etc. The local women commonly sport silver wear though upper classes prefer the more expensive gold and kundan-jadau pieces.

Jewelry For Men

You can easily find men wearing authentic and classic jewelry pieces here. Starting from the times of the kings, men have adorned jewelry here. They might not sport as much bling thouhg, but wearing stud along with turban jewelry, big bangles called Kadas around the wrists, etc. are very popular.

Animal Jewelry

Even animals don the love of jewelry that Rajasthani people have. This includes a vast range of silver or plain copper jewelry with dangles and bells. Be it camel, horses or even cows and goats, animals too are decked up.

Textile Ornamentation

This is another popular kind of art that is used in Rajasthan. Though it is a form of ornamentation, it is really not expensive. But in ancient times kings and queens would use real gold and silver on these textiles. Many designers have now adopted the same concept across the world.

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Shopping for Jewlery in Rajasthan

Street Fair in Rajasthan

Rajasthani Jewelery Stores

One of the most popular centers for jewelry is Johri Bazaar, which is located right in the heart of Jaipur Old City. It is a hub not only for local purchasers but also global wholesalers. People from across the world come here to purchase precious stones and jewelry. You will find shops on the street that sell semi-precious stones, neck pieces made of beads and other similar jewelry pieces. However on of the most vital things to keep in mind here is the authenticity. Fraudulent agents can easily dupe you. But there are some genuine shopkeepers who own legal street shops. You can easily purchase some exquisite pieces here but do not really go overboard. Something more than street junk and cosmetic jewelry is a viable option. Similar shops can be seen across the entire state, especially in Jodhpur, and Udaipur. These are ideal for doing some street shopping and get the closest to the real thing. But don’t expect a masterpiece to come across your way.

Small Wholesale Shops

The city of Jaipur, especially is flooded with small wholesale shops that offer an amazing collection of pearls, jadau, kundan and other jewelry pieces. However, they really don’t entertain too many tourists unless you come across as a serious buyer. If you are going in groups, then you have a better chance of seeing some of their items, which are usually not in display. Ideally these store-keepers offer dirt cheap prices for local jewelry, especially if you are looking for something in bulk. These stores are again located in central areas like Johri Bazaar in Jaipur. Here you can find everything from diamonds, jadau, polki, kundan and gold pieces along with blend of other metals.

Government Emporiums and Shops

Government Showrooms in Rajasthan

These offer you the perfect option to buy gifts and adornment pieces without worrying about authenticity or high prices. These are government certified shops that sell semi-precious and precious jewelry at low prices. The stores also offer a wide range of antique collection starting from arm bands to neck pieces. You can check out the silver collection here, which is exquisite and rare. Usually these stores do not sell gold jewelry although you may lay your hand on some gold polished pieces.

Jewelery Boutiques

Upscale and plush stores and boutiques have opened all around the state of Rajasthan. These offer craftsmanship that you can really not find in any other place. It includes a range of diamond, Jadau, Polki and Kundan blended with precious stones. Everything made here is of pure gold or a blend of gold, platinum and white metals. Certified and authentic jewelry is sold here. You can get an assortment of bangles, bracelets, rings, wedding pieces, etc. In fact movies in Bollywood like Jodha and Akbar, where kings and queens were laden with jewelry had been crafted here.

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Jaipur Jewelry Show

Jewellery of Rajasthan
(Source: indiatoday.intoday.in)

If you are lucky enough to plan a visit to Rajasthan during the Jaipur Jewelry show, then you really don’t need to go anywhere else. This is a show that is held once a year in the city and is the biggest jewelry exhibition in India. It has sellers from across the country, with special focus on Rajasthan. You can find everything here from ornamental and funky turquoise beads to exotic and priceless diamond pieces. Be it traditional forms of jewelry or contemporary take on polki, everything is available under one roof. It is an exhibition that is visited by jewelers from across the country and world too. A must see for all tourists, even if you do no buy (chances are negligible that you won’t find something that you like

Gold Souk, TF-01, Third Floor, Jagatpura Road,
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