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Major Industries in Rajasthan

With the amalgamation of princely dominated states into one state, Rajasthan came into existence. The industrial development in Rajasthan groomed during the decade between 1959 to 1960.  Various industrial set-up came into existence in the major districts of Rajasthan viz., Kota, Udaipur, Jaipur, Bhilwara.  Textile, rugs, woolen goods, vegetable oil and dye are recognized as the major industries of Rajasthan. Steel, cement, ceramics and glass wares, electronic, leather and footwear, stone and other chemical industries are dominated  by private sector Following are the major industries located in Rajasthan.

·  No. of LMI Units: 636 (As on 31.3.03)
·  No. of SSI Units: 251493 (As on 31.3.04)
·  No. of Industrial Areas: 294

I.     Agro-Based Industries

  • Biomass Engineering   
  • Biscuit, Bread
  • Cattle Feed
  • Confectionery
  • Cotton Ginning and Baleing
  • Dal Mill
  • Edible Oils
  • Flour Mill
  • Guar Gum
  • Maida, Suji (Roller Flour Mill)
  • Milk Powder
  • Poha making
  • Refining of Oils
  • Rice Milling
  • Solvent Extraction Plant
  • Vanaspati Ghee
II.    Animal Husbandry Based Industries

1.    Bone Crushing
2.    Butter, Cheese and Milk Powder
3.    Merchandised Leather
4.    Milk Chilling Plant
5.    Skimmed Milk, Ghee

III.    Textile Based Industries

1.    Dyeing and Printing
2.    Grey Cotton Cloth
3.    Processing of Synthetic Fabrics
4.    Synthetic Suitings and Shirtings
5.    Woolen Blanket
6.    Yarns

A.    Cotton & Synthetic Blended
B.    Dyed Yarn
C.    Grey Yarn
D.    Shoddy Woolen Yarn
E.    Texturised Yarn
F.    Twisted Yarn
G.    Woolen Yarn
H.    Woolen Carpet Yarn

IV.    Chemical and Plastic Products

1.    Caustic Soda
2.    Chloro Sulphuric Acid
3.    C.P.W.
4.    Fertilizers and Chemicals
5.    Hawai Chappals
6.    HDPE Woven Sacks
7.    Moulded Plastic Components for electronics
8.    Nitro Chloro Benzene
9.    Oxygen and D Acetylene Gas
10.    Pesticides
11.    Plastic Containers
12.    Plastic Packing Strips and Twine
13.    PVC Footwear
14.    PVC Doors
15.    PVC Resins
16.    PVC Rigid Pipes
17.    Rubber and Plastic based other Products
18.    Salts Common and Iodised
19.    Single Super Phosphate
20.    Tyre Retreading
21.    Zinc Cadmium
22.    Zinc Sulphate

V.    Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Capsules and Tablets

VI.    Electrical and Electronics Industries

1.    ACSR Covered Wires and Conductors
2.    Black and White T.V.
3.    Bulbs and Lamps ordinary
4.    Computer Floppy
5.    Copper Foils
6.    Copper Wires
7.    Digital Electronic Watches
8.    Halogen Lamps and Bulbs
9.    Meters
10.    Re-rolled Products
11.    Transmission Lines and sub-staus Strew
12.    T.V. Picture Tubes

VII.    Engineering Industries

1.    Ball Bearing
2.    Hand Tools.
3.    Heavy Duty Trailers
4.    Laminated Springs for Railways
5.    Machine Tools & Accessories
6.    Mechanical Watches
7.    Meters
8.    Nuts and Bolts
9.    Steel Ingots
10.    Railway Wagons

VIII.    Leather and Leather Products

1.    Cycle Seats
2.    Fancy items
3.    Ladies Footwear
4.    Leather Garments
5.    Leather Tanning
6.    Shoes Making

IX.    Mineral Based Industries

1.    Bricks from Marble slurry
2.    Cement
3.    Cutting and Polishing of Stone
4.    Glazed Tiles
5.    Hydrated Lime
6.    Marble and Granite Handicrafts Items
7.    Granite Slabs and Tiles
8.    Marble Slabs and Tiles
9.    Mineral Grinding
10.    Quick Lime
11.    Refractory
12.    Stone Carving
13.    White Cement
14.    Zinc Oxide

X.    Export Items:

1.    Cement
2.    Chemicals & Allied Products
3.    Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
4.    Durries
5.    Electronics
6.    Engineering Goods
7.    Food Products/Agro Products
8.    Gems and Jewellery
9.    Handicrafts items
10.    Leather Goods
11.    Marble, Granite & Other Stones
12.    Plastics and Linoleums
13.    Readymade Garments
14.    Rice
15.    Textiles
16.    Woolen Carpets
17.    Wool and Woolen

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