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Health Schemes in Rajasthan

Government has launched several health programmes or schemes over the years to benefit the people of state. A brief about these programmes are given under-

National Malaria control/eradication Programme

NMCP is a central government funded programme which was launched in 1954-55 with only two units at Ajmer and Jaisalmer.  The Government of Rajasthan took NMCP to one step further by launching National Malaria Eradication Programme (NMEP) in 1958. The programme aims at making society free from malaria by the use of insecticides, larvicides and other drugs.

National Leprosy control/eradication programme

In 1970-71 National Leprosy control programme (NLCP) was started with complete funding by central government and was extended to NLEP in 1980-81 and State Government co-funded the project.

The leprosy patients are detected and treated, hence limiting disabilities. The leprosy services are integrated with the health care system available. The IEC employs many methods to educate people about health and sanitation.

National AIDS control programme

The World Bank funded the first phase of National AIDS control Programme (NACP) started in 1992-99 which made licensing mandatory for blood banks, STD treatment free of cost and established state AIDS control Society (SACS) in December 1998.

The second stage started through SACS in 1999 and continued till 2004. This stage targets to stabilize HIV/AIDS infection in population, reduce the transmittance of HIV through blood transfusion, to increase awareness among reproductive age group and promote the use of condoms in truck operators, sex workers or migrants.

National AIDS control Organisation (NACO) is supporting SACS in all the ways like funding, technical or managing the resources.

National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB)

This programme was first started in 1976 to reduce blindness, identifying and treating blinds, improving infrastructure facilities and eye care facilities in the state.

National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP)

It was launched in 1999 as a centrally sponsored scheme in 10 districts of Rajasthan. The programme aims at preventing cancer by providing health education, timely detection and diagnosis of cancer and strengthening existing institutions for comprehensive therapy.

National/Revised National TB control Programme (NTCP/RNTCP)

Reduction of TB in community is seen as long term goal of this programme while the short term goals include immunization of infants by BCG dosage, to detect new cases and treat them.

Rajasthan Health System Development Project (RHSDP)

RHSDP works to strengthen 238 secondary level hospitals, improving the quality of health facilities, providing training to working staff, timely availability of medicines and proper disposal of hospital wastes.

They have a part of budget allotted to provide medicine to BPL families.

Chief Minister Jeevan Raksha Kosh/Sahayata Kosh (CMJRK/CMSK)

CMJRK committee, Jaipur provides financial assistance to BPL families for treatment of chronic diseases like heart diseases, cancer, kidney problems etc.

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